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Pam Butler | Hypnotherapist

MIndset gets results.
Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Going.

Lots of people get stuck because they tell themselves that change is going to be hard and they try to rely on willpower. If you’re one of them I want you to know that it’s not your fault. That idea is everywhere. Just look up ‘grind” and hard work’ and see how strongly (and wrongly) they’re linked to success.  So it makes sense you’d believe it.

Fortunately though, just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean it’s true. Those ideas only make sense if you don’t understand the ease and power of your mind to rewire for better results.

That’s because we live in a world that goes from ‘Reel-to-Real™. If it’s on the reel of the movie running in your head, it’s going to end up in the movie of your life. It’s WYSYWG in a very real sense. What you see really is what you get.

So in my world, change really is easy, and shifting your mindset and perspective from required to inspired is the piece that everything else stands on. Because once you get the right perspective you have the power to change anything.

It’s also why I call results ‘breakthroughs’, because there’s no willpower required.  You just get, and keep, the change.

If you’re hooked, discouraged, overwhelmed or just plain resigned about a habit, or a problem, or a person, or an idea and you’re ready for things to be different… you’re in the right place.

        I can help.

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Here are some nice things people have said about working with me.

“Pam. When we started I knew what I needed to do to build my side gig into a real income stream, but I just wasn’t doing it. I can’t believe how that first session totally shifted my thinking about it and as soon as we hung up I got in action in a whole new way. The result was I ended up not just making my target, but beating it by 30% and adding 2 new recruits to my line!   Awesome stuff. Thank you.”  … Rick P.

Pam helped me get a handle on my relationship. She doesn’t tell you what the next steps you need to take are but rather asks pointed and insightful questions that allow you to process your own lived experiences and come to meaningful conclusions. She is incredibly methodIcal in breaking down what may seem to be a million little and big problems and allows you to prioritize what is actually meaningful to you. She’s empathetic and compassionate with high emotional intelligence that is channeled into incredibly personalized life coaching — she is an amazing soul with clear direction and purpose, which comes through in her practice.“ … Miranda