What is Interventive Hypnosis™?


Interventive Hypnosis™ is a new approach that takes hypnosis to a new level.

 And why is it the secret to success?


Nobody wants more struggle difficulty, when their making change.

It’s still a way to change your mind on the deepest level. It’s still almost magical in the way it makes change easy. It’s still the faster than other types of change work. It’s still the best way to change your habits, improve your performance & health, and develop emotional resiliency.

It’s different because it takes leverages wisdom and willing power instead of willpower in the change process which rolls your unique personal style in with the way that your deeper mind is already interpreting your experience. And brings that change (transformation) right into your body.


Different people have different needs depending on where they are in their process of change. Which also means that different tools will be more appropriate at certain times than at others. Interventive Hypnosis acknowledges that and works with you right where you are.

applying your personal beliefs, values, attitudes and it gets your unconscious to do all the heavy lifting. Ya!

Have you ever had the experience where you want something, or you notice something or research something… say a new car for example… and almost immediately that car or thing, or idea, (probably one you’d pretty much never noticed before) starts showing up everywhere.

Now, brain/body science is explaining the connection between mind & body, mind & behaviour and Mind and mood. It’s our Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS is literally a measure of our awareness. It’s why where focus and awareness go energy follows. Because the RAS goes and gets what we’ve told it to go get.


This is the same reason we say you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.







Have you heard the expression “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy”?

Did you see on my How it Works page that Hypnosis has been know to be more effective than therapy for almost 50 years?




Interventive Hypnosis is a new variation on an old theme.

Does this feel like it makes sense?

MindSet leads to behaviour. Behaviour leads to results.*

And doesn’t this sound about right?

There’s a big difference between a Mindset that’s about avoiding failure versus one that’s pursuing success.

Can you see that those ideas lead to this?

Having a  Mindset that focuses on success will bring successful results.


Are you set for success?

It does make sense doesn’t it? And there’s no wonder it makes sense.  It’s true. Here’s what really makes sense though:

Working on Mindset is THE easiest, fastest shortcut to changing your behaviour AND your results at the same time.

That’s why I developed INTERVENTIVE HYPNOSIS™ as an easy, fast, and effective shortcut to set your Mind to the Success that will get you the results you want.


INTERVENTIVE™ HYPNOSIS taps the power of your deeper, unconscious mind’s storehouse of treasures and gifts to

make it easy to create the change you need to

set your mind on the success you want.

  • To change an area where you’re dissatisfied. When you see the potential for more, but don’t know how to get it (business, career, success, relationships, health, money, family etc…)
  • To break free of a habit, pattern or behaviour.
  • To achieve a goal.

Interventive Hypnosis™ is completely different than that same old “are you getting sleepy”…

Hypnosis has been around for centuries, and we’ve all seen the Hollywood stereotype of the hypnotist and his victim (er subject.) Or the stage shows of people clucking like a chicken. We remember them because they’re entertaining. And silly. But you probably know that this is  nothing like that. Interventive Hypnosis™  accesses and uses an open creative mindset. It’s like being in flow state… like when you drive a car and arrive at your destination, you’ve had a wonderful drive, but aren’t quite fully aware of getting there. Or when you’ve been absorbed in something and lost track of time.

Interventive Hypnosis™ resets you for success by plugging into that natural mindset and then integrating it for superior focus, behaviour and results.

Because all Learning Behaviour and Change comes from this deeper mindset, using it for change replace the old (and exhausting) repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat model of change and is the secret for easily getting the change you want.

Want to sample Interventive Hypnosis for a change?

If you’ve tried Mindfulness or Meditation you may find that Interventive Hypnosis™ is the right way for you to get the MindSet shifts you want for easy and rapid change.  It works with Mindset, which is why some people say it seems like Magic.

Once they qualify**, people work with me in the way that suits them best.

For Personal & Relationship Success


For Business & Organizational Success

For Helping Others with Success

* A variation on my mentor, Dr. Kim Redman’s mantra, “Focus determines behaviour. Behaviour determines results. ** Get in touch to explore if you and/or your organization are eligible.