Have you considered what might happen if you could stop worrying about your life and wishing for change?

What about if you stop chasing what you want and start living it instead?

Simple, effective breakthrough solutions.

For when you feel


You know have no idea what direction to go, never mind how to get there.


You know it’s time for change, have an idea of the direction but you’re not exactly sure what’s next.


You know where you want to go, and what you want to do and just can’t seem to get yourself to do it.


You’re in the right place or at least the right direction, but you  know it’s time to up your game

You know that feeling when you’re stuck or uncertain?

When you’re telling yourself things have to change,
but you struggle with it because you don’t know how?


And you start spinning and searching and chasing something, that doesn’t turn out to be the thing?

If you’re looking for answers AND results,

It might be time to

What is Activated™?


Activated is a simple 5 step process that uses your true strengths so you can

Finally stop the spinning, struggling and stuck and

– figure out what you really want

-get a handle on things

– realize your potential

– simplify your success

And enjoy the ride!

Activated™ cracks the code on ease and flow.

With it you gain clarity and perspective,
let go of what's holding you back,
and create a life you love living.
Now, before things get worse.

Isn't it nice when things are simple?  Who doesn't like it when at least some things in life are clear and certain and calm?  When you ACTIVATE™ YOUR LIFE, things get simple. They also get better, more interesting and more enjoyable. You'll not only know the right direction for you. You'll also feel confident about getting there, and you'll have way more satisfaction on the ride.

We all know that there's a right way and wrong way to be our best and create harmony in our lives. That's what let's us have the impact we want to have. Knowing that doesn't help though when we're not sure how to do it.

Get Activated Coaching™ and Activate your life.

                 5 Simple steps that:
Ignite your potential
Simplify your success, and
Put you in control

Step 1: Know where you are.

Step 2: Know where you want to go.

Step 3: Create an action plan to get there.

Step 4: Work the plan.

Step 5: Notice what's working and adjust as needed.

What Is Coaching?

I had a sliver in my foot a few weeks back. It was nasty and it hurt like the devil when I walked. Unfortunately it was in the perfectly wrong place on my foot for me to actually see it. I'd suffered for a full week by the time I decided to get someone to take a single minute to check and pull it out for me.  A week for me. A minute for them. I guess it might have eventually resolved itself on it's own, but it sure was nice to get some help to turn it around faster.

Coaching is a bit like that. A little help when we need it, because life and work pain don't usually resolve on their own.
More likely we learn to tolerate them. Eventually giving up trying to turn them around. We just learn to live with them.
We don't have to. But we often do. And life does go on. It's just goes on with a little more frustration and a little less shine.
A bit more disappointment, and a little less happiness, fun and engagement from us.

So just like in sports. When you decide to get a coach you get input from someone who can bring a fresh perspective on your game. That means it easier to know where to shift them to, and what to do to shift things so you can take them to the next level. Nobody needs a coach, but people who decide it's the right step for them report happier, more interesting and more fulfilling lives.

In my opinion, it's really never missing resources that stop us from getting what we want, because when we're being resourceful we can find ways to get the resources we need.  Sometimes we have a blindspot about our resourcefulness and sometimes it's our mindset or our environment or our habits that get in the way. I like to see it as training and development. In order for anyone to succeed  at anything you need a clear plan and the Will-(ing)-Power to take action on the plan. We start with getting a clear direction and map. Then I help you notice and get access to all the resources you already have within you (and believe me you have a lot!). Then, I work with you to move beyond the challenges that have kept you from using them to the fullest.

Coaching might be for you if you:

Know you can do better, and you're not.
Want an outcome but you're not sure how to get it.
Want an outcome and know how to get it, but also know you need support to do the work.
You have lots of training but you still think you need more. Even though you have no evidence that that's true.
You have some training in some field but you're not sure whether it's enough to get you going.

Hi, I'm Pam Butler.

I help people who are smart and stuck to stop chasing life and get clear, get confident and get in action about their home & business success so they can stop wishing, worrying and hoping for the life they want and start living it instead.

However you’re stuck, whether your trapped in a job you hate, or can’t find one that fits. Whether you’re trying to recover from an unexpected turn of events, or a mistake you’ve made. Or feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster or drowning in anxiety, confusion, worry or overwhelm.

When you work with me we create and work a clear plan that captures your desires, leverages your abilities and plays to your strengths and keeps you moving.

Listen! There is light at the end of the tunnel!!

Here’s what people say about working with me:

“Pam. When we started I knew what I needed to do
to build my side gig into a real income stream but I
just wasn’t doing it. I can’t believe that one session totally shifted my thinking about it and as soon as we hung up I got in action in a whole new way. The result was I ended up not just making my target, but beating it by 30% and adding 2 new recruits to my line!
Awesome stuff. Thank you.”

When I first met Pam I was SO stuck with my business. It was like I was paralyzed to move forward which just fed my inner critic with more negative thoughts and emotions. We worked on my mindset and WOW!! She helped me clarify my values and my direction and  release the beliefs that were standing in my way.  After working with her I am SO motivated and moving forward in business getting through my to-do list and already seeing the benefits pay off financially. My advice to any business owner is that you have to have work with Pam because she will help you find the solution you are looking for; more alignment in your business, greater happiness and more money!

 Pam’s coaching helped me get a handle on my relationship. She doesn’t tell you what the next steps you need to take are but rather asks pointed and insightful questions that allow you to process your own lived experiences and come to meaningful conclusions. She is incredibly methodIcal in breaking down what may seem to be a million little and big problems and allows you to prioritize what is actually meaningful to you. She’s empathetic and compassionate with high emotional intelligence that is channeled into incredibly personalized life coaching — she is an amazing soul with clear direction and purpose, which comes through in her practice.

Reclaim Your Balance.

Clarify Your Goals.

Make Change Easy.

Ready? Come take the next step on your own path today!