Hypnosis helps people who are stuck, in transition or struggling
with a change to break free, get unstuck and get more
 clarity, satisfaction and success in their life.




Have you been stuck and struggling with change,
trying to:

Break a Habit.

Smoking. Weight loss.

Get Emotional Balance, Resilience and Resourcefulness.

Anxiety. Stress. Burnout. Perfectionism.

Improve your Performance, Meet a Goal.

Motivation. Decision Making. Leadership. Money.

You can STOP.

Stuck simply means that your mind is trying to use the wrong tool for the job.

When I say “tool” and Job I mean your “MindSet”  ~~ the combination of your conscious mind with your deeper, unconscious mind and your desires.

When you use Hypnosis to align your MindSet and habits with your desires.

Aligning your conscious mind and your unconscious mind with your desires makes life smooth, satisfying and fulfilling. It creates flow and helps everything get better, better and better. You’ll find you’re commonly in the right place at the right time. Meeting the right people. Saying the right things and attracting success.

Re-setting your MindSet with hypnosis is a great shortcut for that.

It gives you better habits, performance and emotional balance.

Which means you can:
~ Drop the bad habit.
~ Pursue excellence versus perfectionism.
~ Release the anxiety and fear and finally relax.
~ Regain clarity and confidence
~ Enjoy yourself and your life.

It’s quick and practically effortless.

If you haven’t explored hypnosis you’re missing out on an easy way to create the change you want.
 Or not, but now you know that there is a way to stop the struggle.

Hi! I’m Pam

I use Hypnotherapy to help you shift your MindSet and your life.

Whether you’re struggling with finances, relationships, life satisfaction or performance, resetting your MindSet with hypnosis improves your life
by aligning and integrating your mind,
your habits and your desires.

We all know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to uplevel to our best, and create harmony in our lives so we can make the impact we want to have.

There was a point when my life was deeply in transition and I was stuck and struggling with emotional turmoil and change. I was worried, distracted, indecisive and uncertain. Very, very hard on myself (even my mom said so). I had lots of shoulds about life and was determined that all should be perfect… HA!

Shifting my MindSet with hypnosis helped me change all that AND drop the 3 pack a day cigarette habit that came with it.

It was the secret to taking my foot off the brake, getting things off the wrong track and putting them on the right one.

Believe me if it worked for me it can work for anyone and I promise that the right MindSet makes life happier, easier, more fun and more satisfying.

Deeper connections. More clarity. Business and financial turn arounds. Improved health.

Don’t wait another day. Contact me to get changing for good. 

How Does it work?

One on One sessions

With hypnosis shifting a MindSet is a lot like switching
an app on your phone. When you’re not getting the
results you want you simply remove one app and
replace another. It takes 3 to 5 sessions to remove
and replace an app (MindSet).
(My process easily works on your IOS too, but I’m against throwing babies out with bathwater so we start with an app and then go from there.)


Workshops and Groups

I do Self Hypnosis and MindSet Reset workshops and group coaching for various MindSet challenges like health, prosperity and happiness. They all focus on reducing stress and building alignment between your conscious and your deeper mind so you have more ease and better results in your relationships, career, motivation and success.

Training & Certification

Are you a purpose driven coach, therapist or service provider who works with people who could benefit from a change of Mind? MindSet influences every area of our lives. If you’d want the key to greater impact, ask me about how the tools and techniques that I train help you help people shift theirs easily.


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Is hypnosis a natural state?
We call the hypnotic state “trance”. It’s a perfectly natural (in fact an optimal natural) state that we all go into several times a day. Trance that you’ve experienced are daydreaming, watching TV, driving.

Does the hypnotist have control over me?
Only in Hollywood. Going into hypnosis requires co-operation. So if someone does not want to be hypnotized they won’t be. Simple as that. Hypnotists cannot persuade, never mind force, someone to do anything they don’t want to do. That includes something that might be for their own good… (sorry.) So if someone does not want to solve their problem or has been taken to a hypnotherapist against their will, the chance of solving their issue is virtually non-existant.

Hypnotists make people say or do embarrassing things like in a stage show.
Think life of the party for perspective on this one because anyone who volunteers for a stage hypnosis show knows that they will be asked to say or do ridiculous, funny or embarrassing things. They choose to participate. Then the stage Hypnotist uses screening and other tests to keep the best volunteers for the show… usually those who have the ability to achieve a deep trance, quickly. 
Stage hypnosis is entertainment. Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are to help a person be rid of unwanted habits, addictions, fears or help them overcome a stress-related health problem or improve in some area of their life. A deep trance state is not necessary. In fact many of my techniques use eyes open. Overall though, the key word here is help people, not embarrass them.

Do Hypnotists have special powers?
I wish! We’re just like anyone else, but we’ve trained to lead someone into a hypnotic trance using an induction and a deepener. That can be learned. Hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic trance for the person’s benefit to help them overcome a problem. It’s a practical skill combined with creative intuition to know the direction to go for therapy.

Isn’t hypnosis for weak-minded and gullible people?
Quite the opposite. People who have above average intelligence, are able to concentrate, imagine and be creative make the best hypnotic subjects.
Some people can’t be hypnotized.
Hypnotic trance is a natural state which we all enter daily, so clearly we can all be hypnotized, and some people don’t want to be hypnotized. The difference between being hypnotisable and not being hypnotisable is the desire to be hypnotized.

Is Hypnosis is like going to sleep or being put under?
No. The opposite is true. Hypnosis is a heightened sense of awareness, concentration, focus, and hearing. So the idea (actually the skill) with hypnosis is actually to avoid sleep yet become deeply relaxed, while still staying awake. Hypnosis is a heightened sense of awareness, concentration, focus, and hearing. Unfortunately, the word hypnosis comes from the Greek Hypnos which means sleep. Since hypnotic trance generally has nothing to do with sleep, this was kind of a crummy name to select. Hollywood has also added to this with the old “you are getting sleepy”. (Though it also works if someone does fall happen to fall asleep, as the hypnotist is talking to their subconscious mind which is always awake.)

 I’m not sure I was hypnotized, I heard everything.
Hypnosis is an altered state of waking consciousness. This means you are awake and will therefore hear what is said. Your mind may wander and you may fall into slumber but your subconscious mind will hear every word and act upon the positive suggestions given in the session. As hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness, you can be aware of the hypnotist’s voice and outside sounds. When deprived of one of our five senses, another sense tends to compensate. It therefore makes sense that with your eyes closed, you may even hear better. You may hear outside sounds such as traffic as a little louder than the hypnotist hears them. However they don’t disturb because the state of mental and physical relaxation is just not bothered by outside sounds. A dog can keep barking and you will stay deeply relaxed.



Can I get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis?
No. You can’t. Just like you can’t get stuck when you are daydreaming. If the hypnotist stops talking, you will either emerge from hypnosis to see why the talking has stopped or fall asleep due to your very relaxed state. If you fall asleep, you’ll just sleep it off and then awaken fully

Is it ok if I lose track of time?
Yes. This often happens. Much like you can lose yourself in painting, sculpting, sewing, driving, reading etc. The different state of awareness makes it likely to lose your sense of time. The same happens in hypnosis. People often comment that their session seemed to last 15-20 minutes and are surprised to find it lasted 40-45 minutes. The beauty is that 20 minutes of hypnosis can leave you as refreshed as 7-8 hours of sleep.

Can Hypnosis be dangerous?
Never enter an induced trance while driving or handling heavy machinery (safety first!). Hypnosis is also not recommended for people who have psychological diagnoses or challenges or epilepsy patients without a referral from a doctor. Otherwise, hypnosis is totally safe. It is a state of mental and physical relaxation in which positive, useful suggestions are given to help the person with their problem. No harm can occur.

Will I be out of control?
Ahhh… Hollywood again. A hypnotized person is actually in full control of themselves, fully aware and completely capable of making decisions. They simply cannot be made to accept an objectionable suggestion, commit an act, or say anything against their values and beliefs. Any hypnotic suggestion which contradicted these values would shock a person back into full waking consciousness. The same thing would happen if any kind of danger presented itself. The subject would immediately and fully come out of hypnosis on their own
. They are always in control.

Can I reveal sensitive or private information against my will?
If only this were true! Then every accused criminal could be hypnotized to find out whether they are guilty or the victim of the crime could reliably give evidence of what really happened. No one can force you to reveal anything in hypnosis. In fact, usually you don’t say anything in hypnosis. This idea is simply more of the idea that hypnosis is some kind of a “power” relationship. In fact it is anything but. The only power lies in the mind of the subject to accept or not accept the suggestions offered.

Could repeated hypnotic inductions weaken my mind so I become dependent on them?
Actually, repetitive inductions strengthen a person’s mental abilities. Much like meditation, the benefits of being deeply relaxed both mentally and physically are wonderful for reducing stress, managing anxiety and improving clarity to support achieving goals and releasing fears, limitations or discomforts. That’s also why learning self-hypnosis is a great benefit for people.

Is it Ok to hypnotize children?
This question must mean specifically with a Hypnotherapist, because parents are ‘hypnotizing’ their children with suggestions all the time. Children generally have wonderful imaginations, a great ability to focus (“Again mommy! Again!) and a delight in visualizing. It’s safe to say that every parent has seen their child in a self induced trance like state. For hypnotherapists, this is more of an age question than a don’t question. 
Generally, it’s easier for children to concentrate if they’re at least seven years old. Children respond very well to positive hypnotic suggestions in general so they can also be hypnotized whilst playing and with their eyes still open.


Do Hypnotists use a swinging fobwatch or pendulum to put someone into trance?
Well… I don’t… at least not usually.
The reality is that we’re trained to talk people into a hypnotic trance using our words and our voice. But I will if there’s an expectation or belief on the part of the client. I’m a hypnotist after all, so I’ll use whatever is best for the person’s ability to go into trance and get the change they want. The hypnotic state is so effective that I’m willing to do whatever I can to help my client’s get the most out of their time with me. And if I need to swing a fob I will. Though I admit that I do prefer to avoid clucking like a chicken.

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