Hi. I’m Pam.    


I created TranceTalk™ to help people who are tired of the spin and the grind find personal, professional and spiritual

satisfaction and success.


TMany people say I perform magic.

And for good reason.
I help people shift their thinking and change their minds.
And once you change your mind, it’s like magic to change your life.

That means that If you’re stuck, struggling or looking for help with your habits, behaviours, moods or negative thinking patterns I can help you with TranceTalk™ because you’re in my zone.

I can say that because, I know that there’s a lot of ground in the personal development arena and I’ve played on a lot of it. I chose to master Hypnosis and NLP though because they are what finally helped me overcome perfectionism, a nasty (and sticky) midlife crisis and walk away from a seemingly impossible cigarette habit. Now I’m known for using hypnosis, NLP and strategic interventions to help people stop making change hard, by showing them how to let it be easy instead.

 Problems like:

– Smoking
– Perfectionism, worry or overthinking things
– Negative self talk that makes you anxious and fills you with self doubt
– Having to live with things the way they are
– An ongoing story where you’re never enough
– Feeling trapped in the past or lost in the future
– Figuring out what you want and where you’re going, never mind how  you could get there…

Can be replaced with

– Deeper connections.
Business, career and financial turn arounds.
– Clarity of purpose and action.
– Better health and life.

It’s true.

A shift in your thinking and consciousness is so much easier and faster than using ‘willpower’, and it makes life happier, easier, more fun, and more satisfying.

If you’d like to have that kind of magic in your life, you are in the right place.

Look. We all know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to uplevel to our best. To create harmony, peace and have the impact we want to have.

I have a process for shifting your thinking and turning things around to get them going in the right direction. It’s a process that lets you live the behaviours you want, get the results you want, and be who you want to be.

All without using a smidge of willpower.

It’s what I call a breakthrough.

A breakthrough is that moment when our thinking resets our brain for the change we want, and then the rest of us follows along to go get the rewards and the results.

I use coaching and hypnotherapy to help you breakthrough.

Sometimes separately and sometimes together. Whatever it takes to make sure you get out of the breakdown you’re in and get to the breakthrough you want.

Then, the next step is always a Clarity Kickstart™. Whether it’s habit change, emotional shift or longer life transitions, brain science shows that we cannot make change easy if the brain doesn’t know where we want it to go.

After that, very generally, it’s a question of scope. If it’s narrow or short term, or about a specific habit, behaviour or fear then hypnotherapy can be the better choice. If it’s a broader, systemic change in an attitude, perspective or direction then most people choose Activated™ Coaching.

This 5 step process was created to help people shift their mindset and unlock their “how to” of easy and lasting change.

The programs integrate science and spiritual principles & laws, brain & behavioural coaching and positive psychology, and are for anyone who’s struggling or stuck, including social innovators, service providers, wellness practitioners and self growth seekers of all stripes.

They’re also perfect if you just want to make change easy.

For you that means I bring the best supports, techniques and strategies to make sure you generate the change you want.

Using the same practices that change my life from being stuck and struggling with emotional turmoil and life change. I was always a worrier, but it had morphed into anxiety, distraction, indecision and uncertainty. I smoked like a chimney was very, VERY hard on myself (even her mom said so), and spent most of my time shoulding on myself about life, and paralyzed by thinking that all was supposed to be “perfect”… HA!

Hypnosis helped me let go of perfectionism, become more decisive, master my moods AND drop the 3 pack a day cigarette habit that came with it all.

It was the secret to taking my foot off the brake, getting things off the wrong track and putting them on the right one.

Building on my background in communication, project and event management, I was drawn to Strategic Intervention, Master Coaching, and NLP & Hypnotherapy as an Instructor and Trainer. By focusing on Mindset and Communication as the gateways to happiness and success, I teach the how tos of the secrets and keys to shifting consciousness that everyone needs but nobody teaches so you can shift from what you don’t want to creating what you do.

 As owner of Get Smart Health Systems, an intergenerational cognitive and lifestyle program to support families as they change, I enriched and honoured the lives and connections between seniors and their families for close to a decade. Now I bring that same heartfelt transformation to trainings, groups and individuals who are stuck, stopped or struggling with their business or their life and are ready for growth, interested in change, and/or in the process of transition.

I believes that anyone can have, and everyone deserves, more fun, more ease, more happy, and more success in their life.

I’m a steward and trainer of the kind of spirited and collaborative personal development that supports social consciousness, personal success and self expression and helps activate health, wellness and wellbeing to help people live happier, more spirited, and more successful lives.

Here’s how Pam’s kind of magic compares to
other forms
of changework.


HYPNOTHERAPY success rate after 7 sessions.


BEHAVIOUR THERAPY success rate after 22 sessions

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